beautiful unique furniture from aged azobe wood

100 year old wood from Danish Wharves

No two pieces are the same as the craftsmen select from this extraordinary raw material. Azobe Wood that only contains it’s natural oils to deliver a unique and original design of furniture that carries soul, personality, warmth and a unique history.

We source directly from the producer and select pieces that will blend perfectly in your home, your business, your restaurant or the public space you are designing.

For generations

This furnitures stands for generations – no matter if it is outside or inside. They only get more beautiful over time, as they are being used. The exceptionally strong African Azobé wood has taken the beating from the ferries, and survived the ice cold salt water. It has been hardened and patinated with time and is treated with great respect to give new life to the wood and to Danish design.

The Joy of wood given a new life

Time is changing and the wharf wood becomes furniture. The joy is in beautiful, rustic and sustainable design, that stands for generations. Bespoke, hand-made furniture with a natural Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood. The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the natural elements for more than half a century. No two pieces of wood are identical.

Thors Design

THORS-DESIGN is involved throughout the entire design and production phase. They are there when the hundred years old wood is pulled out of the water and select the tree, develop, designs and produce all of the furniture in Denmark. At THORS-DESIGN they believe that design in many ways and levels can make a difference. Their objective is to produce and design the furniture with great care for both the people involved in the process as well as the environment.


The wood is processed as little as possible. This minimalist approach produces tables with a design and feel that you cannot find anywhere else. Every piece of wood has its own story and expresses it through its naturally developed appearance. With the help of great pieces of wood this is furniture that comes to life through design choices. The historical traces are respected in the production and design process.


All benches are made from recycled Azobé wood from the Danish wharves. This Azobé wood is also known as Bongossi or iron wood. Azobé wood is strong and resiliant, and ideal for outdoor use all year round and is almost maintenance free. Benches are made to last, and to be enjoyed year after year.

Sif Table
Thors Gamma
Danish Urban Furniture

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