beautiful unique furniture from aged azobe wood

How the pieces are crafted

The fundamental idea behind the furniture is that of up-cycling. Rustic Azobé wood, sourced from decommissioned Danish wharves, is turned in to simple and stylish designer furniture. 

The result is bespoke, hand-made furniture with a natural Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood. The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the natural elements for more than half a century. No two pieces of wood are identical. Each piece of furniture is unique, full of character and soul.

Furniture is created with an understanding of the way that wood works and moves, incorporating its natural grooves and crevices.

The reclaimed wood has been validated and certified as containing only natural oils. The furniture is virtually indestructible, with a life cycle lasting as long as the wood’s own history. All the furniture can be used inside and out all year round in private homes as well as public spaces


We are delighted to accept special orders on non stocked items but please note; we need full payment on ordering and allow up to 10 weeks for delivery.

Why so long?
The reason for the extended waiting time is purely down to keeping costs lower. I am sure you can appreciate getting 1 or 2 items sent over from Denmark is going to be expensive. Our plan is to order every 4 weeks and achieve enough orders to prevent prohibitive delivery costs. Allowing for 4 weeks for manufacturing (remember every item of furniture ordered is an original piece).
And finally 2 weeks to allow for an arranged delivery. Of course if you simply cannot wait the 10 weeks then we can get a quote for you individually.
We are offering free Scottish mainland delivery on orders over £500.
Anything below will be charged a £50 surcharge for delivery.


Due to fluctuations in currencies our prices may change from order to order. Please don’t take for granted that the price for an item currently in stock will be the same price on the next order.


Keeping our customers happy is of the upmost importance to us. We want you to enjoy and develop a passion for this Azobe furniture as much as we do. It deserves it. Your furniture should last your lifetime and beyond.
It’s vitally important that we offer what we promise and that is delivery of a bespoke piece of Azobe wood furniture – CSC certified – in prime condition within the agreed time.If our customer is happy then we are happy and that is the standards in which we will run our business.

Thors upcycling Azob wood
Danish Urban Furniture
Sanded Surface
Sanded finish
Rustic Finish
Rustic finish
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